YAGNI applies to process

You Ain’t Gonna Need It – YAGNI, comes from extreme programming. Basically don’t write code just because you think you’ll need it.

YAGNI also applies to documents. In the Scrum control methodology the main concern is Return on Investment (ROI) for the customer. And this applies to non-software items.

You should always ask; does the customer want or need to pay for this?

In fact you can probably not create quite a lot of documents. Process documents for example. If you come from a traditional (waterfall) project management background or even if you think you are agile you may want to create a document that ‘captures’ best practice.

Don’t do it. Scrum has a retrospective activity that allows the team to consider how to improve what they did.

Good practices should be like folk lore; passed down by experience and demonstration.

The oral tradition applies to management. Any document should have emblazoned on the front:

‘Out of date if you are reading this’.



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