Oh to be in England…

Yesterday I went to this briefing event in Cambridge. I quote:

“The Technology Strategy Board, with Tech City UK Ltd and Cambridge Wireless, are to invest up to £1m to support micro, small and medium-sized businesses working on the Internet of Things (IoT).”

Apparently the ‘competition’ for the grants started on the 16th. June 2014. There is a process, all explained in great detail with plenty of friendly advice and one contradiction (No Prototypes). Pitches happen 19th. November 2014, with possibly funding sometime in the new year.

One advice from the Lead Technologist was that the awards were not ‘cash flow’. Winners would have to submit claims and payment arrives as soon as possible after the claim. 

  • From announcement to pitches – 5 months.
  • From announcement to money coming into the organisation – possibly 8 months.

Meanwhile you can’t start anything; yet this is for innovative research projects.

Rather than use a government department to manage ‘innovation’, why not give the £1m to one of 300 plus incubators or accelerators. I’m sure some teams would have started by now.



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