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No promises mind, life gets in the way too much.

I’ll post here when I can’t stand to do any of the many other things I should be doing. Consider this displacement activity.

So, another attempt to start a business. Instead of trying to think of something that, according to my wife, will make lots of money, I’ve listened to customers.

They have a problem and we’re going to try and fix it.

We, this little group of people who I’ve asked if they want to be involved, will create a product that will solve this problem. It’ll be slightly better than what happens at the moment. That’s the best we can hope for.

Why the blog? Because we’ll be doing it the way that modern startups do things, but we’re not in California. That’s an accident, but we’ll get to that later. To collaborate we were using email until we got to the point of realised that we need all the stuff a business needs. Now we’ve started using Glasscubes.

Up to now we’ve discussed the idea, done a business model based on the lean canvas in lean stack and then started backlogs using Easy backlog for the minimum viable product (MVP). Once we have a product we can think about funding. My idea is to go to enterprises and see if they’re interested. This approach could take longer but we can keep talking to people as we refine the product. My experience with big customers is they always want a slightly different product. In that case you have two options; disengage until they decide they do want the product you have to sell them or negotiate a price that will allow you to make the changes for them.

We’re using freely available tools where we can. Some of us are hardware engineers and low level hackers, so we’ll need hardware design and layout tools, embedded software tools, as well as data design and web service tools. There’s also the business support tools.

Process? What process? The product design and implementation must be documented and eventually it will have to be tested for compliance with various safety and other legislation. To go to production the design will have to be acceptable and comprehensive enough to avoid problems caused by us, because we can’t afford to make mistakes.

Two of the team are Scrum Masters. So the project control methodology is Scrum. It’s simple, very flexible and applies to any dynamic project, not just software. Which is good because this is not just software.

This post may change if revise it to add links. There again my thoughts about links are changing. If it’s obvious, you can simply copy something into a search bar and you’ll find the references.