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Simple makes it complicated

The problem is pervasive, it applies to all mobile implementations. The solution needs to be simple otherwise it won’t be used.

I suspect that’s the reason this particular problem hasn’t been solved before.

To make the solution simple it needs to work with most mobile devices. By sales that’s Android then iOS. By data volume it’s iOS then Android.

At the moment.

By this time next year there could be a number of other devices providing significant volumes of data. For example Mozilla OS intends to market a device for around $25 and at that price it could be of interest to many people who currently don’t have mobile devices. Add to that the challenge made by Facebook and others that, with support from the relevant mobile network operators they could connect the last two billion people on earth.

Make no mistake these new two billion mobile users are not there for the voice. These companies want them to be new end points to the internet.

I think 2014, with these initiatives, is likely to be the year that the mobile network operators realise that to charge extra for their data is self defeating, possibly even suicide. Once we have really simple devices that are more or less permanently connected to the internet networks will understand that Voice is just another data application.

The mobile phone will be dead. Long live the mobile device.

To make this solution simple we have a lot of work looking at the specifications of the possible contenders for mobile devices.